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Freedom for Theo

Help Just4Children raise funds for intensive physiotherapy and other therapies for Theo.

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£20.00 from Andy from the pool
"Well done you, amazing achievement !! love Paula ( up the pool) xx"
£11.00 from PAULA WILLIAMS
"So proud of you Melissa. Awesome achievement and such a wonderful thing to do. But you are a wonderful human. Miss u guys. Xxx"
£11.00 from Katie Brumley
"Well done you!!! Amazing achievement, and a fabulous amount raised for Theo. E K Fire have great pleasure in matching the funds you have raised. Xx"
£460.00 from Michelle Wenlock
£50.00 from Dover Police Cadets
"Such a lovely thing to do for a wonderful, inspiring little boy...well done 👏🏻"
£11.00 from kevin Husk
"Good luck Malissa xxx"
£6.00 from Kelly Kingsnorth
"Good luck Malissa, from the Haywood family xx"
£10.00 from Kim Haywood
£7.00 from Jo Williamson
£10.00 from Sarah Tilley
£11.00 from Anthony Searle
£22.00 from Chris Housley
"Fantastic cause!"
£9.00 from Rebecca Pearce
"Good luck! Your amazing! Xx"
£6.00 from Gemma Hoxey
£10.00 from Elizabeth Elliott
"Wishing you the best of luck xx"
£5.00 from Amy Sayer
£11.00 from Nicola Bailham
"Good Luck Melissa x 🏊‍♀️"
£6.00 from Vickie Windley
£11.00 from Sian
£11.00 from Sian
£6.00 from Kelly Ewins
£11.00 from Chloe Terry
"I shall follow your story and wish you well in training :) an incredible selfless act to raise awareness and money for a great cause. Safe swim! Good luck Mo Jo xx"
£10.00 from Tanya Macleod
"Happy to donate to such a great cause! Love from The Wadeys"
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
£HIDDEN from Laura Bullen
£11.00 from Ross Savin
"You can do it! :)"
£22.00 from Courtney & Nathan Vendramin
£22.00 from Eddie and Tommy
£11.00 from Rebekah Au
£10.00 from Paul McHugh
"I know you will do your best for him Love Nanny x"
£20.00 from Olive Jones
"Good luck Malissa we know you can do it Stephanie & Keith xx"
£11.00 from Stephanie Lake
£12.50 from Jay Shemin
"Go sis!"
£11.00 from Sam Ourac
"Good luck Malissa Love from Michelle & Bon xx"
£10.00 from Michelle Battu
"Good luck Melissa"
£HIDDEN from Graham Long
£11.00 from Sarah Smith
"Good luck, have fun x"
£20.00 from Phil, Danni & Sienna x
£20.00 from Luis Ouriach
"Good Luck Malissa xxx"
£10.00 from Karly Emin
"Good Luck Malissa."
£6.00 from Linda Roberts
"Good luck Malissa!"
£5.00 from Abbey Worthington
"Very proud of you Malissa, we know you can do this. Love Mum & Dad x"
£10.00 from Kerry Ouriach
£11.00 from Lynn Jones

HelpJust4Children raise fundsfor intensive physiotherapy and other therapies for Theo.

Theo is a 6 year old boy who lives in Dover with his mum,dad and older brother and sister. Theo burst into the world 2 months early and spent a short time in hospital.Just before Theo was 2 he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Theo has been accepted to have life changing selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery (SDR) which will enable him to live a life pain free. With the correct intensive physiotherapy post op Theo will be able to walk without any walking aids and will, for the first time ever will be truly free. This is not covered by the nhs.

Theo is the most determined boy I know,and for him to be free and able to walk along with his friends and sit on the carpet with his legs crossed at school really will change his whole world.

Thank you for your support.

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