A Brighter Future for Evelina

Fundraising for therapies and equipment to help Evelina reach her full potential after brain injury at birth.
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£20.00 from Louise Routledge
"What a gorgeous spirit Evelina has! Wishing her and her lovely family every Step by step progress! Loving prayers being sent your way x"
£20.00 from Claire Worsdall
"Such a little darling! my grand daughter, Graceis the same age and lives locally in Cheam. Just wanted to help - I work with Gareth’s grandma "
£20.00 from Lucy Kuster
£11.50 from Misters Candles
"Love from your buddy Go Go xxx"
£10.00 from Kirsty
"Wishing lovely Evelina all the best with feeding school x"
£10.00 from Rebecca
"For a brave little lady & dedicated Mum & Dad. All the best x"
£57.50 from Anonymous
£60.00 from Tom R.
"To an amazing little girl with the most inspiring parents ever. You guys rock. Love Kate, Joe, Tilly, Fearne and Dolly xxxxxx"
£50.50 from Kate O'Rourke
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Barbara from wulstan 🖤"
£10.00 from Hannah Morrey
"You're going to smash this feeding school sweetie!"
£HIDDEN from Carolyn Trufitt
"With lots of love from the SCRAMBLED! team xxx"
£340.00 from Nicky Tasker
£6.00 from Natalie Clews
"Evelina you little rockstar, fingers crossed for you to eat cake for your 2nd birthday Love A Very Special Life xxx"
£11.50 from Alara & Family
"Amazing cause for an amazing little girl. Xx"
£27.50 from Lily Springett
"Good luck little one. "
£10.00 from Michaela
"Another donation from the Fundraiser- Love you Evelina 💗🖤"
£40.00 from Hannah Morrey
£25.00 from Nicole Ingram
"You guys make me smile on Instagram ❤️ Good luck xx"
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Partial Payment - Evelina’s Feeding Journey Fundraiser. Hosted by Auntie Han & Auntie Kate. We love you Evelina and can’t wait to get you on your feeding journey 😍 proud Aunties 💚"
£3,276.12 from Hannah Morrey
£5.00 from Anonymous
"Hannah, you’re honestly an inspiration to any human when it comes to charity. You’re time committed to any charity event is selfless and you’re incredible. I cannot wait to see the end result!!"
£31.50 from Chelsea Lehane-Aston
"Silent auction signed photo Plus 5 donation 😊"
£31.50 from Joshua Brookes
£HIDDEN from John Duffell
"Ticket Winner (John Harvey)"
£30.11 from (John Harvey)
"E, you never cease to amaze us with your incredible progress so far and all of it done with your incredible Janet-sass and L’Oréal-worthy hair. We love you and your parents. Go get em in Austria. R&Dx"
£100.00 from Rosie & Darren Lovegrove
£25.00 from Anonymous
"Auction Winner 💚"
£22.50 from Hannah Morrey
"Amazing family! Good luck beautiful Evelina 💚"
£15.15 from Carly Jade
"Hoping you reach your goal and all the best for Evelina’s future x"
£113.00 from Laura
"for silent auction manchester United"
£42.00 from kerry walshe
£60.00 from Anonymous
"hope you made lots of money for this amazing little girl and amazing mum & dad"
£10.50 from andrea mooney
"Such a beautiful little girl, hope you have a great fundraiser tonight and get the money you need ❤"
£5.00 from Anna Meadon
"Good luck, I hope you raise lots of money tonight xxx"
£5.00 from Kelly Edwards
"Such a beautiful little girl! Have a great fundraiser night xx"
£22.00 from Anonymous
£11.50 from WTW Kara Patel
"Keep smiling little one :-)"
£HIDDEN from Neelam
"Go little E! You’ve got this. You’ve also got a fantastic Mummy and Daddy. We can’t wait to hear all about it xx"
£60.00 from Nuala, Steve & Erin
£30.00 from Tom Richards
"Can’t wait to share cake and ice cream with you little one xx"
£HIDDEN from Granny and Grandad
"Go Evelina 🥰💪❤️"
£105.00 from Fares & Kevin
"What a little super star, wishing you all the best x"
£21.00 from Anonymous
"One day biscuits, chocolate cake and ice cream? We hope so Evelina. Mummy & Daddy will make sure healthier options are also available we're sure! x"
£30.00 from Tanya & Steve
"I love checking in each day to see how everything is with your wonderful family . You are such an inspiration to all of us 🌟"
£55.00 from Heather
£34.50 from Julie pye
"Beaucoup de courage et d'amour"
£50.00 from MC
"all the best. She looks very sweet!"
£30.50 from Anna
£HIDDEN from Anonymous

A Brighter Future for Evelina

Fundraising for therapies and equipment to help Evelina reach her full potential after brain injury at birth.

Meet Evelina. She is our little rockstar and we are her biggest fans.

Evelina was born in July 2018 at 40 weeks. She was stillborn. Her first heartbeat was heard at 17 minutes and 46 seconds.

She has been fighting ever since.

Evelina sustained quite a substantial brain injury and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, dystonia, a visual impairment and more, including being fully tube fed via gastrostomy (a little button that goes directly into her tummy).

Evelina is an absolute bundle of potential. Her MRI showed damage to every area of her brain but we are working as hard as we possibly can to really harvest the power of brain plasticity at this young age.

Brain plasticity is the ability of the brain to re-wire and re-route tasks around the damaged part of the brain to allocate it to other parts in order to function. We’ve seen this time and time again with Evelina – she’s making great progress. She will now reach, hold, grasp and lift. She uses her hands together, which is amazing for future development.

Evelina is affected in her motor skills. She has a visual impairment (to which we don’t know the extent yet) and delayed motor planning so the key with Evelina is patience.

Evelina is a bright little cookie! She is signing ‘more’ in makaton and works so hard in daily physio sessions, hydrotherapy, vision, speech & language and communication therapy.

Evelina has 13 professionals (and counting) and lots of equipment. We are so incredibly privileged to have the NHS but some of the therapies that we do/ want to do with Evelina are not funded by them.

Monies are needed for private physiotherapy, NAPA intensive (3 week intensive neuro rehabilitation), equipment and adapted toys and brain plasticity therapy.

Your help to give Evelina the support she needs to thrive is appreciated more than we’ll ever be able to tell you.

Thank you,

Evelina, Hayley and Gareth

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