Bluebell’s Blooming!

A campaign to fundraise for much needed therapies for Lois Bluebell to lead a fuller life.
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£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Children are more challenged nowadays so anything we can do to support them is essential"
£20.00 from Chris Steele
£10.00 from Regina Evans
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Well done on the marathon Andrew! Sounds like a really good cause xx"
£20.00 from Caroline Arthur
"Nice work lads. Hopefully we'll get to see you all soon when all the chaos is over to toast your efforts in person!"
£52.50 from James Oates
"Well done boys! Good luck with the fundraising, love Jackie & Neil Barrow xxx"
£57.50 from Freya McAnally
£55.00 from Pat McAnally
"To Team Twomey! With you every step of the way. Except for the running, obviously. 😉 Lots of love Graham, Freya, Lara and Jesse x"
£100.00 from Graham McAnally
"Donations from m & d and Jennifer. Keep training Chris xxx"
£402.00 from Anonymous
"Well done on the marathon times lads."
£37.40 from Russell
"Hi Chris Good luck with your fund raising Love Margaret and David Thompson"
£100.00 from Margaret Thompson
"Pleased to help such a worthy cause"
£23.00 from Bobby and Carol
£10.50 from Eddie Pierre
£20.00 from John Redmond
"Andrew - well done on running the marathon solo!"
£27.50 from Patrick Stewart
"Well done Andy! Super fast running!"
£22.00 from Caroline and Carl
"Well done Andrew and team!! Brilliant effort!!"
£20.00 from Rachael Walker
"Well done boys! Amazing running 🏃🏻‍♂️ 🏃🏻‍♂️ 🏃🏻‍♂️."
£50.00 from Hannah Michie
"Fantastic effort Andrew for a fantastic cause"
£10.00 from David Sherratt
"Well done Andy, great effort!! Not very often a solo venture takes you more than 10 minutes!"
£HIDDEN from Daniel Barron
£34.50 from Anonymous
"Well done on the solo marathon Andrew!"
£11.00 from Paul Rogers
"Well done Andrew for the marathon run !"
£21.00 from SK
"Well done Simon! Great effort."
£34.50 from Andy Seddon
"Excellent effort chaps!"
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Happy birthday James. Happy to divert your present to Bluebell."
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Well done Simon! A great cause - lots of love xxx"
£23.00 from Vicky & Chris Penn
"Well done Simon, good time as well"
£34.50 from Kevin and Elaine
"In lieu of birthday prezzies for Jambo. Love Jen, Elise and Maxwell. Xxx"
£82.50 from Anonymous
"Well Done Simon!"
£10.00 from Halyma
"Well done Simon on the solo marathon"
£57.50 from Helen Grantham
"Seems like a great cause. Go Simon!"
£11.50 from Nick Lowry
"Great cause. Great effort. Brilliant all round 💪"
£115.00 from Stephen Reid
"Well done Simon. A great achievement for a wonderful cause"
£63.00 from Ian and Loretta
"Incredible commitment and achievement under any circumstances, but especially impressive in the current situation 👏👏👏"
£40.00 from Alex Hardern
"Our prayers are with you all"
£100.00 from Anne and Ken (St.Johns N.X.)
£30.00 from Anonymous
"Good luck Chris - hope your beautiful daughter gets the treatment soon."
£10.50 from Marylyn Kerby
"Good luck - you will smash it mate"
£52.50 from Nigel B
"Good luck Chris"
£10.00 from Catherine Kirwan
"Good Luck Andrew"
£30.00 from Jess
£21.00 from Chris Neville
£22.00 from Derm
"Hope this small donation helps . Good luck to all of you ! Fledge & Cath !"
£57.50 from Anonymous
"Good luck"
£31.50 from Mike Kelly
£6.00 from Anonymous
£28.75 from Mark Bowden
"Run like the wind Frosty!"
£10.00 from Laura Dolan
"Go for it Chris! Good luck!"
£10.00 from Caryn

Bluebell’s Blooming!

A campaign to fundraise for much needed therapies for Lois Bluebell to lead a fuller life.

Lois and Daphne are our beautiful twin daughters. They are three and half years old from Manchester and are identical, although they are very different because Lois has Cerebral Palsy. This is caused by a bleed on her brain as a result of a shortage in oxygen at some point during her delivery.

Lois Bluebell received a diagnosis at 2 weeks old. The impact was devastating and we grieved for her, her sister and the things that they wouldn’t do together and for our family.

The injury has affected her movement, coordination and muscle tone. There are many things she isn’t able to do such as sit up, swallow safely, talk or walk.

With time we began to focus on loving her, including her and helping her to reach her full potential. At 5 months old we began neuro rehab therapy including HBOT oxygen therapy, CPT, conductive education and sensory therapy as well as traditional physiotherapy and sensory exercises.

Since taking part in neuro rehab therapies we have seen Lois improve cognitively and physically too.

She has grown into a funny, clever, happy and determined little girl.

She has began to say a few words. She can commando crawl using her upper body and her reflux and respiratory problems have improved dramatically.

We see Lois’s determination to learn and improve every day. We desperately want to give her every opportunity to do so and to exceed all of our expectations!

We carry out her therapy every day but know we can do more by raising funds so that she can have stem cell therapy, a HBOT machine that she can access daily and increasing the frequency of her neuro rehab therapy.

Thank you

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