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A Guide to Invoicing

When submitting an invoice we ask that the supplier provides all of the following information:-

• A unique invoice number

• Child’s full name

• The supplier’s company name, address and contact telephone number

• Invoices should be produced on company headed paper

• The supplier’s bank details

• Just4Children’s address details:

85 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, NR1 1DG

• A clear description of what is being charged for

• The date the goods/services were provided (supply date)

• A breakdown of the amount being invoiced

• VAT if applicable

• Total amount owed

• Please email all invoices to office@just4children.org with the relevant family contact in the CC field

*Please note we can not pay an invoice dated more than 6 months old, nor therapy more than 6 months old or before a campaign began. In addition, in line with therapy centres around the world where therapy may be many months or a year ahead, we ask that a deposit is first raised to making a booking with the remainder asked for 4 weeks prior to departure.