High standards of fundraising are essential for charities, suppliers and donors. The standards are based on recognised best practice within the fundraising industry and they are informed and strengthened based on feedback from the public.

Membership of the Fundraising Regulator shows the charity’s or supplier’s commitment to these high standards and gives greater confidence in fundraising.

As the regulator of charity fundraising in the UK, the Fundraising Regulator ensure these standards are maintained and improved.

About the Standard

The standards are set by the Institute of Fundraising and are published as the Code of Fundraising Practice.

Benefits For Charities And Suppliers

By maintaining high standards, charities and suppliers protect their supporters and maintain and increase income streams.

Benefits For Donors

The standards help donors by ensuring the charities you support are fundraising in the right way. Check out the standards below.

The Code Of Practice

We follow an industry code: the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Fundraising Practice. It sets out the standards our members are required to follow when raising money.

The code contains sections on each of the most popular fundraising techniques and provides guidance and legal advice. All members follow the code for the fundraising methods they use.

What It Covers

Charities’ Relationship With Supporters

  • When and how to accept gifts of money
  • How to manage gifts left in wills
  • How to work with people who give a lot of money

Collecting Money From People

  • On the street
  • Through collection tins
  • Going to their doors
  • Signing people up to direct debits

Contacting People For Gifts Of Money

  • By letter, by telephone, through adverts, emails, and their websites
  • Involving people in events and activities to raise money

Working With Others To Raise Money

  • Volunteers
  • Companies and businesses