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MAES Therapy

MAES Therapy is a UK based international specialised treatment approach. It is available for babies and children of all ages where neurodevelopmental conditions such as Cerebral Palsy (CP), prevent them from following a typical course of development.

MAES Therapy looks at what is influencing a child’s movements. This includes looking from the child’s perspective and how they’ve learnt to understand, experience and interact with the world around them. We analyse their movements and identify what may be influencing their development now and in their future.


Therapy utilises specific, highly-skilled handling to guide movement, cognition and play in order to take the child on a path of learning new skills and maximising their potential.

MAES Therapy aims at providing the child with a path of experience and development that doesn’t focus on the short-term achievement of tasks or working through sets of developmental milestones. Instead, MAES works to create the foundation to reduce the ‘atypical’ development in the long term and open the possibilities for different and better outcomes.

Early intervention is beneficial when considering the future development of babies and very young children with neurodevelopmental conditions or developmental delay. 
It is never too late to intervene, however the earlier you do so, the more you can influence the child’s future development for the better.


Read what Parents say about MAES Therapy:   http://www.maestherapy.com/parents-testimonials-cerebral-palsy-treatment/

The MAES Therapy Studio is located near Finchley, North London.

There are also MAES Trained Therapists worldwide.

To find out if there is a MAES Trained Therapist in your area, contact us at: E: general@maestherapy.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/MAESTherapyinternational/


Website:  www.maestherapy.com


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