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Imagine an experience that puts your senses into overdrive. One that has your heart racing, the adrenaline pumping and that leaves you so ecstatic you want to scream out loud.

A tandem skydive is the ultimate adrenaline rush. When you jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet (or even higher at 15,000 feet) , you’re putting your trust in a total stranger. Literally throwing yourself into the unknown. Freefalling at 125mph is an experience like nothing on earth. Beyond exhilarating, it defies description. The only way to understand it is to do it!


So, ready for the thrill of your life? Let’s do this.

Sign up by paying just a £50 deposit here

And if you reach our £500* fundraising target for a 10,000 feet jump, £550* for a 12,000 feet jump or £650* for a 15,000 feet jump via a JustGiving fundraising page, we will pay the remaining cost of your jump!

Remember please, that you need to create your fundraising page from the campaign page of the child you wish to support.

*  excludes gift aid

Application for support