Lana’s desire to aim higher

Just4Children needs your support to fund SDR surgery for Lana to improve the quality of her life.

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£10.00 from Lana

Just4Children needs your support to fund SDR surgery for Lana to improve the quality of her life.

Please spare 5 minutes to read my story, I need you help to change my future.

My Name is Lana and I am 6 years old from Fareham in Hampshire. I live with my mummy Nickki and my pet tortoise rocket. I have pvl and cerebral palsy and was also recently diagnosed with epilepsy. The doctors said this would prevent me achieving much in life. Well, I will show them!

So far in my short life I’ve learned to sit on the floor independently and play with my toys, I can ride my tricycle, I can stand in my standing frame, I can pull up to stand holding on and I can eat a normal diet as I’m learning to self feed with a spoon. It’s a messy business! I can also drink from a cup without a lid.

I have very good understanding and awareness and I have recently started talking. I can now make myself understood!

My next big goal is to start taking steps. I want to stand tall like my friends. I want to be able to play at their level. Can you help?

I am going to take the brave step of having SDR surgery but sadly I don’t qualify under the NHS so I need to fund this privately. Therefore Just4Children need to raise lots and lots of pennies to help me be just like my friends.

This is potentially life-changing for me and for my future. Please help!

Love Lana xxx

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