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Theo’s Fight

To raise funds for pioneering treatments and therapies along with specialist equipment to help Theo's quality of life.
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"Thank you Zone Fitness x"
£70.00 from Zone Fitness
"Sally’s work- kindly donated I’m a celebrity syndicate- cally, jack, Laura, Jayne, sally, Bernie, Paul, Lindsey, Daryl, Seddon, mark, Steph."
£60.00 from Anonymous
"Well done Rachel and girls x"
£5.00 from Gill Allen
"Well done Lydia and girls"
£6.00 from Malcolm Thompson
£22.00 from Sam Comer
"Good luck to everybody today 😀"
£23.00 from Nicky
"Good Luck Girlies 😘 xxxx"
£10.00 from Anya Holland
"Good luck to Molly and the Girls on the Fun Run today. Keep smiling Theo, you little trooper!"
£10.00 from Haris Ellahi
"Good luck to you all! We know you will smash it! Xxx"
£23.00 from Emma and Mike xxx
"Good luck girls 💋 you will all do amazing! Stay warm it’s bloody freezing!!! Xxxx"
£21.00 from Hannah Jones
"Well done everybody. Had the pleasure of bumping into Theo today whilst shopping in West Kirby. What a beautiful boy he is. Couldn’t think of a more worth cause. Love and hugs. Nikki Haslem x"
£21.00 from Nikki Haslem
"Good luck babe xxx"
£16.00 from Lucy Black
£HIDDEN from Rory Mcphail
"Good look Georgie and all 🏃👍"
£23.00 from Jacobus Simpson
"Good luck Georgie and team!! Love from Cate and Matty"
£10.00 from Cate Hammond
"Good luck girls 💕"
£11.00 from Georgina Barlow
"Good luck girls!"
£10.00 from Jen
£11.00 from Anonymous
"Good luck 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ xx"
£11.00 from Kate South
£11.00 from Clare Barrett
"Good Luck!"
£21.00 from Sian & Anthony
£5.00 from Anonymous
"Good luck!"
£11.00 from Anonymous
"Good luck ladies hope it goes well"
£HIDDEN from Nicole
"Good Luck Everyone ❤❤❤"
£23.00 from Anonymous
£10.00 from Keehan Hancock
"Good Luck! Love Liz & Andy x"
£21.00 from Elizabeth Farragher
£23.00 from Anonymous
£21.00 from Trish
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Go Girls x"
£HIDDEN from Clive Holland
"Gooooo team!"
£11.50 from Anonymous
"Good luck to you all! Xxx"
£22.00 from Katie Syvret
"Good luck x"
£5.00 from Lins
"Good luck"
£22.00 from Scott Bamborough
"Hope it’s ok gals and guy! 😘 Ellie and Ste xx"
£11.00 from Ellie Lloyd
"Good luck Rachel and all the girls x"
£6.00 from Jill Thurlow
"Good luck with the run Georgina"
£33.00 from Kevin
"Good luck Lissy! 🏃‍♀️ Great cause 👏"
£52.50 from Harry Seale
"Good luck Jaye 2 and to everyone else taking part, all the best"
£20.00 from Jay Shep
"Good luck Jaye! Xx"
£11.00 from Shona
"Good luck to Jess & all of the girls. Marta x"
£21.00 from Marta
"Good luck on reaching your target"
£55.00 from Bob And Sue Garwood
"Good luck to Liss, Sally and all the girls x and a big X for Theo x"
£52.50 from Anonymous
"Smash it gals and Nick Love TJ xxx"
£10.00 from TJ
"Good luck X"
£25.00 from Andy
£6.00 from Rebecca Broadbent
"Good luck everyone"
£10.00 from Anonymous
"Good luck Lucy!"
£6.00 from Casean Bailey
"Good luck girls lydias Nan xx"
£6.00 from Margret Thompson

Theo’s Fight

To raise funds for pioneering treatments and therapies along with specialist equipment to help Theo’s quality of life.

Theo is aged 20 months from West Kirby in the Wirral. Our little fighter Theo survived a severe brain injury at birth and suffered numerous seizures following the cooling treatment which failed. We want to help him in his future challenge to improve his quality of life.

Theo was starved of oxygen needing over seven minutes resuscitation and suffered a severe brain injury resulting in quadriplegic cerebral palsy. We want to help Theo reach his full potential and have an amazing quality of life by raising funds for life changing stem cell treatment and specialised equipment outside of the NHS, including intensive hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Theo is the biggest fighter we know with every little thing he does being a challenge. He has the biggest smile and is the happiest little boy who deserves a chance of the life he was once robbed of. There are numerous therapies and pioneering treatments available, but they are not accessible on the NHS and the expense is very high. Not only will Theo need this treatment, he will also need specialist equipment. This is why we as Theo’s parents and family want to launch ‘Theo’s Fight’ Campaign.

Thank you

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