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Just4Children are fundraising for a life changing operation called SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) and post-op physiotherapy and rehabilitation, which will give Ben the chance of a better life.

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"Well done organising this event, and all the best wishes for the treatment from all the Careys"
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"Hope the op is very successful, Ben. Looking forward to our evening of light entertainment, James & Carolyn! Xx"
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"Best of luck with the op!"
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"Good luck Ben. I am sure Great Ormond Street will sort you out - they are amazing. Patrick & Edwina"
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"Hope it goes well Ben. Sara and Charlie"
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"Good Luck to you all. Ben and Kitty Wallace x"
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"Wishing you well Ben."
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"So hoping we can get Ben the operation he needs and deserves."
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"Dear Ben Wishing you huge success with your op at the Great Ormond Street hospital (I remember being there once) and all the recovery time afterwards. Very best of luck Piers and Cecilia"
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Just4Children are fundraising for a life changing operation called SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) and post-op physiotherapy and rehabilitation, which will give Ben the chance of a better life.

Ben is aged 9 and lives in Sheringham in Norfolk.

Ben and his identical twin Alex were born prematurely at 29 weeks in Bolton, Lancashire. Both boys were seriously ill and heartbreakingly Alex passed away after just 4 days. Ben continued to fight and after 10 weeks in Neonatal care at Bolton and Trafford hospitals, he finally came home on oxygen.  He was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy at 2 years old.

Ben is a happy, friendly boy, who takes a great interest in the world around him. However, as he grows the muscles in his legs become tighter, causing discomfort & muscle spasms, hindering his mobility and independence. Until 2 years ago, Ben was able to walk with a gait trainer, but unfortunately, as he has grown, he has now lost the ability. Ben is now a full-time wheelchair user.

Ben has recently been accepted for an operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital called SDR. This will significantly improve his quality of life by removing the spasticity and therefore helping to manage the discomfort he lives with on a daily basis. It will increase his mobility and allow him the opportunity to perform the daily activities that most of us take for granted. We have explored every option available to help Ben and have been advised that we need to take action before he hits puberty. We have exhausted all non-surgical options and now need to have SDR which will provide a long term solution to manage his spasticity.

Last year, the NHS began providing SDR to children graded GMFCS Levels 2 & 3.  Ben has been graded a Level 4. Whilst he is eligible for the operation it will not be funded by the NHS. Currently at GOSH this is £35,000.  A condition of this offer is that we will need to self-fund a minimum of 2 years intensive physiotherapy, and any equipment required for his rehabilitation, which will be around £25,000.

Please help us to raise £60,000 to allow Ben to live a more comfortable, dignified and independent life.

Thank you

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