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Eliza’s Wish for Balance

Just4Children need to raise funds for post op therapies following SDR surgery for Eliza aged 5 from Haywards Heath in West Sussex.

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Just4Children need to raise funds for post op therapiesfollowing SDR surgery for Eliza aged 5 from Haywards Heath in West Sussex.

At the age of 6 months we noticed that Eliza wasn’t developing as quickly as her big sister had.By 7 months alarm bells were ringing and we spoke to our Health Visitor. The Health Visitor referred us to a physiotherapist who checked Eliza’s legs and along with a paediatric doctorsuggested a hip x-ray and,if that was clear an MRI of her brain and spine. The hip x-ray was clear but unfortunately the MRI showed abnormalities of the brain.In other words Eliza had suffered brain damage.

In June 2014 we receivedthe devastating news that Eliza had Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, affecting both of her legs.

Since Eliza first learnt to weight bear she has often fallen and struggles to balance and do some simple every day tasks.

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) is an operation developed by a Dr Park in the USA.It is performed to release the spasticity in a patients limbs, for Eliza her legs.It would give her balance as well as preventing premature ageing and other conditions that may come about due to her asymmetric gait.

Eliza has always been a very happy and strong willed little girl. She has shown great resilience in every day situations but now she is turning 6 we can see the frustrations of being “different” from her big sister and peers.She so desperately wants to have the chance to be like them.

When the team at Great Ormond St Hospital said that Eliza would be the perfect candidate for the life changing operation we were truly overwhelmed. Although the NHS fund the operation itself and some physio afterwards we know through speaking to other parents of children who have had SDR that the more therapy you do and the longer you can do it for the better the long term outcome will be.Thesevarious therapies do not come cheap.

As parents we want the very best for our child and it would mean the absolute world to us to be able to raise sufficient funds for Just4Children so that Eliza can have the very best chance for a successful recovery.

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