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Brothers on Wheels

Just4Children are trying to raise funds for Leo and Bobby so they can have some extra physiotherapy and equipment to make their lives easier and more independent.
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"Well done Sue. Lindsey and Steve Bridges❤️"
£20.00 from Anonymous
"Well done Sue. Margaret Reynolds.x"
£10.00 from Anonymous
"Well done Sue, we knew you'd do it, Stay safe all our Love Anne and David Moodie."
£115.00 from Moods
"Well done Sue xx"
£10.00 from Anonymous
"From Lilly’s swim. Well done, thank you very much, Leo and Bobby xx"
£470.00 from Bobby
"Congratulations to my wonderful wife on smashing her swimathon in record time..... you rock Suzie D!!! 🏊‍♂️💋❤️Xxxxx"
£205.00 from Paul Donnelly( Husband)
£23.00 from Sarah Brevitt
£34.50 from Lesley Butcher
£21.00 from Tracy oliver
"Hi Sue good luck with your fund raising, love Paddy and Carol"
£23.00 from Anonymous
"Wishing you all the very best with your fundraising! A wonderful thing to do! xx"
£11.50 from Sean Johnson
"Go Sue! 🏊🏻‍♀️"
£5.00 from Alison, Jamie, George & Henry
"Good luck, its amazing what you are doing xxx"
£20.00 from Katy Webster
"Good Luck Sue - Anne Fleeman x"
£10.00 from Anonymous
"Well done Sue! Amazing effort, I’m sure the boys are very proud of you :)"
£100.00 from gavin mullaley
"Good luck Nanny ❤️🏊🏻‍♀️ Love Maxi & Mason xx"
£20.00 from Max & Mason Davey
"Good luck Sue. Lynn and Rob."
£40.00 from Anonymous
"Go Sue!"
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Well done Sue love to all the family...🥰"
£11.00 from Linda & Chris Witton
"Good luck Sue. Kerry and Phil Baggott"
£20.00 from Kerry Baggott
"All the best Sue you can do it love Wendy xxx"
£30.00 from Wendy Webb
"Great cause Sue and hard work swimming that distance."
£34.50 from Bob Cunningham
"All the best Sue, great what you are doing. Wish I had your stamina! Xxx"
£100.00 from Jane Ryan
"Good luck Sue. Thinking of you all. X"
£11.50 from Richard Bullock
"All the best Sue and just keep swimming 🏊‍♀️ we will be cheering you on Love Joan and Pete xx"
£20.00 from Joan Thompson
£11.50 from Kath Ryan Parkes
"Good luck Sue, you can do it!"
£20.00 from Julie Bickley
"From Benny Sally Ann & family"
£20.00 from Sally Brookhouse
£5.00 from Anonymous
"Good luck xx"
£HIDDEN from Clare Baker
"Good luck Sue! Annette Orton."
£10.00 from Annette Orton
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Good luck Sue"
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Best wishes cuz xxx"
£11.50 from Anne Louise Smith
"Good luck Sue x"
£11.50 from Sue Dunning
"Good luck sue you are doing an amazing thing ❤"
£11.50 from Anonymous
"Good luck sue xx"
£11.50 from Nicky & Chris
"Good luck xx"
£21.00 from Kim and Welly
"Best of luck to you..X..... see you in the festival fields for a pint"
£34.50 from Anonymous
"You can do this ! ❤"
£11.50 from Sarah Olen
£HIDDEN from Jenny Houghton
£11.50 from Jane Bradbury
"Fantastic thing your doing for two fabulous boys x"
£23.00 from Anonymous
£11.00 from Lisa
"Well done Sue. Good Luck.. ❤️❤️❤️"
£21.00 from Anonymous
"Go on Suzie!"
£31.50 from Lou, Chris & Rory xx
"Good luck Sue. Shirley Ingram."
£10.00 from Shirley Ingram
"All the best Sue 💕 fantastic cause 💙"
£11.50 from Vicky
"Good luck Sue and just keep thinking of those Amazing Boys Love Lisa Carl and Lillie xxxx"
£20.00 from Lisa Hiley
"Wishing you all the best"
£HIDDEN from Anonymous

Brothers on Wheels

Just4Childrenare trying to raise funds for Leo and Bobby so they can have some extra physiotherapyand equipment to make their lives easier and more independent.

Leo and Bobbyare two brothers from Sutton Coldfield whoare both in wheelchairs due to quite differentconditions.

Leo had a cardiac arrest at five months old due to sepsis.This resulted in a brain injury causing cerebral palsy. He is now 7 years old and is unable to sit unaided or walk and is also unable to talk. This,however,does not stop his smile being contagious and he is an extremely sociable little boy.

Bobby is aged 5 and had a spinal cord injury resulting from a traumatic birth.He is unable to use the lower half of his body at all. He is also in a wheelchair and he is a very happy, chatty little boy and also extremely sociable just like his big brother.

The cost of having a disabled child is astronomical so the cost of having two disabled children is even more so. We are trying to raise money for Just4Children so that we can get the boys some extra physiotherapyand equipment for the home to make their liveseasier and for them to be more independent.

Thank you

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