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Zoe’s Non-Fusion Spinal Surgery

Zoe Anastasia is aged 15 from Northwood in London. She urgently needs major spinal surgery for Scoliosis so that she can continue doing all the things she loves like surfing and drumming - and hopefully a skydive one day!

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"From Alison's Friend (Cannon Lane School Mums), good luck for the surgery. "
£10.00 from Kilpa Patel
"Well done. Hope all goes well for Zoe."
£23.00 from Anonymous
"May Allah(swt) bless Zoe with a full and speedy recovery. Ameen."
£50.00 from Anonymous
"Well done!"
£57.50 from Rohin Tuli
"Well done Peter we are very proud of you from my ebay challange lots of love Mum and Dad"
£100.00 from Cyril & Susan
"Well done Peter! From Alison Oktay’s friend from Cannon Lane Primary school."
£11.50 from Ushma
"Good effort"
£50.00 from Mike C
£11.50 from Anonymous
"Amazing effort! Well done and good luck Zoe! x"
£23.00 from The Bartons (friends of Alison)
£21.00 from Rob Holland
"Good luck. I am school friend of Alison."
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
£30.00 from Kathryn Murray
"Amazing - well done !"
£29.90 from Anonymous
"Good luck. I am a school friend of Alison."
£HIDDEN from Seema Dave
"Well done Pete. All the best for reaching the goal and to Zoë."
£50.00 from Paul Mankoo
"Brilliant Peter C All the Best!"
£HIDDEN from Tim Thiru
"Keep up the amazing work"
£57.50 from Anonymous
"Good luck Pete."
£HIDDEN from Darren Thorpe
"Go go bionic Cronin... good cycling weather!"
£26.00 from Lindsay
"Good luck Peter"
£105.00 from Gary Ford
"Don't forget the cream."
£105.00 from Buster
"Wishing you the best of luck!!"
£23.00 from K Neldrett
"Hey Pete, hope no cobbled paths on your cycle route..got to protect that dodgy hip!😀. All the best mate. See you soon!"
£21.00 from Nick and Arlene
"Good luck Peter. Happy to support. Andrew"
£100.00 from Anonymous
"Best of luck to Zoe and well done to Peter on the challenge"
£50.00 from Andrew Brickman
"Good luck Peter!!"
£26.00 from Nick Wood
"All the best to you both x"
£10.50 from The Cope family
"Good luck with everything matey x"
£57.50 from Lee
"Good luck for the future Zoe. Well done on the challenge Peter"
£21.00 from Keith Sussman
£HIDDEN from Manisha Alison oktay’s friend from Cannon lane Primary School
"Good luck Pete and Zoe"
£52.50 from Mike Thomas
"Perfect day for it enjoy! 💪"
£HIDDEN from Sam
"Shame about the short notice I would have done it with you. Honest!"
£52.50 from Glen and Sarah
"Wishing you all the best! Simran from Jamie Oktay’s class 6V cannon Lane School"
£20.00 from Ams Sagoo
£HIDDEN from Anita - Alison Oktay's friend from Cannon Lane Primary
"Leticia Nesio Jamie Oktay's friend from 6V, Cannon Lane Primary School"
£HIDDEN from Carolina Nesio
"Good luck! From Mikail - Jack Oktay’s friend from 2RW"
£10.00 from Anonymous
"May she get cured👍"
£30.12 from Anonymous
"Sabbir Rahman sent a message about your appeal. Hope the fundraising goes well. We had a brush with scoliosis ... its no fun at all and such a difference if you can correct it. Good Luck to Zoe"
£34.50 from Maurice Glucksman
£28.75 from Anonymous
£HIDDEN from Abdul azim
"Good Luck Zoe!"
£11.50 from Anonymous
"Good luck Zoe! Get well soon! From : Vedika( Jack’s friend 2RW) Cannon Lane School"
£11.50 from Anonymous
"Good luck Zoe!"
£10.00 from Anika Raut (Jack's friend from 2RW)
"It was really tragic to hear this news about Zoe. We wish her the very best in health and well-being going forward, as well as the treatment she needs. Love from Katya, Prakash, Kieran and Anna."
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Good luck, Zoe!"
£11.50 from Soumya (Jack 2RW friend)
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Wishing you all the best Zoe. I've paid this money not to see your Dad in any Lycra whatsoever!"
£17.25 from Steve J
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Good luck Zoe!"
£10.50 from Rohan (Jack’s friend from 2RW)

Zoe Anastasia is aged 15 from Northwood in London. She urgently needs major spinal surgery for Scoliosis so that she can continue doing all the things she loves like surfing and drumming – and hopefully a skydive one day!

Hi. I’m Zoe Anastasia Cronin and I REALLY need your help!

I’m a normal 15-year-old except for ONE thing! I’ve just found out I need to have MAJOR spinal surgery for Scoliosis really soon!

The problem is that the best option for me isn’t available on the NHS or through Health Insurance. So, I must fundraise for Just4Children  to help pay for it – and raise awareness.

It all started a few months ago with backache that led to an MRI.

I was told I had Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. I can’t lie, this was a BIG shock! It seems my lower spine is growing with a 59° curve that’s rapidly developed during a growth spurt. Causes are unknown, it affects 4% of children and is 10 times more likely in girls.

The NHS Surgeon told me I need Spinal Fusion, fusing my lower spine together. It’ll seriously impact my flexibility & increase my risk of degenerative disc disease. Without surgery it will painfully worsen putting pressure on my organs. Hearing this during my GCSE mocks was a nightmare. The worst day ever!

Then we were advised about Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT). It’s non-fusion surgery using flexible cords not metal rods to fix the spine and retains flexibility. VBT was developed and FDA approved in the USA and is practiced worldwide. I felt so optimistic!

Hours of intense research and video calls led us to Dr Olaverri in Barcelona and Dr Bernard in London. They confirmed I’m a great candidate as I’m flexible.

I was so happy! The challenge is this pioneering surgery costs over £75,000! So, right now I need your support so that I can continue doing all the things I love like surfing and drumming – and hopefully a skydive one day!

Even though I’m really scared at the thought of the operation I’m SO happy I fit the criteria for VBT and it’s an option for me.

Please help me achieve my goal by donating and sharing my story with all your friends. This will raise awareness of Scoliosis and the benefits of non-fusion. One day I want this to be available for children through the NHS.

Thank you so much. Love Zoe xxx

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