No parent wants to imagine their child being ill and needing a stem cell therapy to help improve their condition. But for some families this situation has become their reality. This is why Cells4Life are helping the Shetty family to fundraise to send their son, Jay, to Duke University and cover the costs of additional therapies.

In 2017 Jay will take part in a clinical trial using sibling cord blood as a treatment for cerebral palsy.


Little Jay Shetty’s arrival into the world was an eventful one. Jay was born via emergency c section due to reduced foetal movements. When he was delivered he was blue and needed resuscitation. Jay had suffered a punctured lung. Initially Jay was incorrectly monitored. Later in the day, Jay was transferred to NICU and then onto the high dependency ward.

Doctors told Jay’s parent’s, Raj and Shilpa, that their son was receiving oxygen as he could not breathe on his own, he was hypoglycemic, and he was unable to regulate his body temperature. Jay was fighting for his life and fight he did. After 10 long days he was finally breathing on his own. A few days later his blood sugar was also beginning to regulate, he would soon be allowed home.

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