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Please help Just4Children raise £50,000 to change Kyras life so her dream of walking with both feet on the ground can become a reality #StepWithKyra

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Please help Just4Children raise £50,000 to change Kyra’s life so her dream of walking with both feet on the ground can become a reality #StepWithKyra

Kyra is an energetic and bright 10yr old girl from Brighton who loves to dance and read. Born with a rare birth defect affecting her leg, the NHS recommended amputation.

Kyra has PFFD which means she was born with one leg shorter than the other. She wears a heavy and bulky shoe raise so she can walk evenly.  As she gets older, the shortening worsens and the impact on her life is greater. PFFD is so rare that in complex cases like Kyra’s the NHS recommend amputation so a prosthetic fits better.

However, Dr Paley of the Paley Institute in Florida has developed a way of lengthening limbs with an internal magnet and is confident Kyra’s foot will eventually reach the ground! Integral to his treatment plan is daily physiotherapy at his hospital over several months to maintain full leg movement.

The Paley Institute has the most experienced and successful limb-lengthening surgeons and physiotherapists in the world, but the NHS will not fund the treatment.

After an international fundraising campaign in 2019, Kyra had her first lengthening with Dr Paley and her femur grew by 5cm over that Summer!  She stopped wearing a prosthetic and for the first time in her life she wore a shoe on her left foot (albeit with a high shoe raise). Throughout this all Kyra remained positive, bubbly and strong-willed.

That was the first part of her leg-lengthening journey.  She still has a few centimetres to go, so we can’t stop now!

We have self-funded over £100,000 for the next stage of lengthening in May 2021.This covers the cost of surgery, physiotherapy, travel and 5 months of living expenses.

We are now fundraising £50,000 for Just4Children for the next, hopefully final, stage of treatment in 2022. This will involve the removal of the magnetic rod from Kyra’s leg, and a minor operation to correct the angle of her hip which is only possible once lengthening is complete.

Please support Kyra. With your help, her dream of walking with both feet on the ground can become a reality.

Thank you, Rima & Neil

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