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Sonny Days

Just4Children are hoping to fundraise for Sonny to receive physio and CIMT therapy to maximise his potential.
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£5.00 from Joseph Sheppard
"You’ve got this Sonny!! Wishing you all the best xx"
£30.00 from Sam and Star Werner
"Great work for a fantastic cause! Well done!"
£10.00 from Claire Webb
"Good luck x"
£50.00 from Craig
"Good luck in raising the funds needed for this beautiful boy x"
£10.00 from Suzanne Boardman
"Good luck with raising the funds for this gorgeous little boy xx"
£20.00 from Christine Bartholomew
"Good luck! x "
£20.00 from Holly Galliford

Sonny Days

Just4Children are hoping to fundraise for Sonny to receive physio and CIMT therapy to maximise his potential.

Sonny is our 4 month old Son from Tiverton in Devon. His journey into this world started with a very traumatic birth in which he fought so hard to make it to us safely – and then we were a family! 

A couple months later our lives were turned upside down when we learnt that Sonny had suffered a perinatal stroke which caused substantial brain damage to the left side of his brain.  

Strokes in babies are very rare and we had no idea what this meant for us and for Sonny. We have learned that Sonny will have the following challenges in life: fine and Gross Motor skills on the right side of his body; difficulty with spoken and written language; verbal memory issues; and impaired logic.

Thankfully in the first years, babies brains are very adept at creating new ways to learn these skills. However, early intervention is key and therapy is the best treatment.

To enable Sonny to be able to reach his full potential to do those simple things in life we take for granted such as walking and talking, we need to give him the best support and care possible. The following therapies have been advised as being a way to give Sonny the best support and chances possible to maximise his potential: 
CIMT (Constraint Therapy) will be a 4 week intensive program in Manchester;
private physio and occupational therapies needed throughout Sonny’s life.
The funds will cover accommodation for the three of us to stay in Manchester for one month to undergo CIMT. 

Please help in any way you can to allow Sonny to learn those skills that will mean he can live life as independently as possible. 

Thank you so much for your support. It literally means the whole world to us and Sonny.  

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