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Orla’s Drive for Independence

Just4children needs your help to fund raise to provide Orla regular physiotherapy and a specialist buggy to improve Orla's independence and quality of life.

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Orla is aged 4 from Bury St Edmunds. She was born with congenital Cytomegalovirus, which was a common cold to her mum but a damaging virus to her unborn baby. Orla also had hearing loss and brain damage, which has led to cerebral palsy affecting all four of her limbs.

Orla is reliant on an adult for all of her care. She is unable to feed herself and is non-verbal, communicating with her eyes and a finger point.

In spite of Orla’s disabilities she is a very determined little girl and always wants to be part of everything going on around her. She has two older brothers and wants to do everything they do. However, without regular physiotherapy she will not gain the skills required to progress her mobility and independence to keep up as she grows. Orla learnt to sit unsupported on the floor at 3 1/2 years old with intensive physiotherapy. This comes at a great financial cost and we want to continue to give Orla this opportunity to learn new skills to limit her dependence on others in the future. The funds raised will help hugely in paying for Orla to have weekly physiotherapy sessions.

Orla also loves going on a family walk with her dog, but to do this through the countryside and woodlands she needs a specialist buggy to sit in so we are hoping to be able to buy her the wheels she needs to join in these precious family times.

Thank you hugely for reading our page and supporting our campaign.

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