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Live Laugh Love Lola

A campaign to raise funds for treatment to aid in Lola’s independence and ensure a better quality of life for her.

Lola Jennifer was born 5 weeks early in Inverness on 17thJanuary 2015 weighing 5lbs 4oz. She spent some time in Raigmore Hospital in their special care baby unit.

It became obvious at 6 months she wasn’t hitting developmental milestones.

At this time Lola wasn’t able to sit up, wasn’t properly weaned or talking.  Doctors thought she had leukodystrophy (a life limiting condition). Several months went by and at a checkup they did a complete 180 – Lola was making progress and things started to look up.

However, Lola is now 3 and a half and has recently been diagnosed with dyskinetic cerebral palsy, alongside an undiagnosed complex genetic duplication.

In January this year Lola started to talk. She can now crawl as well.

Lola has the best sense of humour I’ve ever known in a toddler – always alongside a huge smile. She’s very content, and nothing ever gets her down.

She is confined to a wheelchair, but we would like equipment, therapies and treatment to make her life easier and allow her more independence.

Thank you

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