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Esmae’s Wish

Just4Children are fundraising to provide Esmae with therapies and specialised equipment to give her the opportunity to reach her full potential after being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Dystonia.
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Esmae’s Wish

Esmae is aged 11 months from Rishton in Lancashire. Last year, after a perfect pregnancy, our beautiful baby girl Esmae was born unresponsive at full term. After failing to take a breath on her own she was ventilated and put on a cooling treatment to lessen the likelihood of brain damage.

Unfortunately, it became apparent very quickly that Esmae had suffered from HIE and her future was uncertain.

After speaking with a consultant who told us our baby would never walk, talk or live an independent life we refused to believe that and instead threw ourselves into doing everything we possibly could to help her.

With the help of private therapies Esmae is already proving health professionals wrong and showing us just how determined she is to succeed!

The future may still be uncertain. However, with your help we can continue to support Esmae and provide her with opportunities to build her strength and progress in all areas.

Over the next few years we hope to take Esmae for specialist treatment abroad, attend regular therapy sessions not available on the NHS and get specialist equipment that allows Esmae to experience the same activities as other children.

We are so grateful for all your support as this will allow us to provide Esmae with the opportunity to reach her full potential.

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