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Dominic Superhero

Just4Children are raising funds for Dominic's therapies, equipment and home alteration so he can live a fulfilled and happy life.
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Dominic Superhero

Just4Children are raising funds for Dominic’s therapies, equipment and home alteration so he can live a fulfilled and happy life.

Dominic is aged 2 from Brackley in Northants. He has fought hard for his life since he was in mummy’s tummy due to being severely growth restricted and mummy developing severe preeclampsia.

Whilst I was in hospital being monitored already, doctors decided it is best to have a Caesarean as soon as possible as he was not receiving enough blood and oxygen through placenta. In the end, I had an emergency C section at 28 weeks, Dominic weighing only 770grams. He had to be intubated after 3 minutes of life and stayed on it for 30 days.

At 31 days, a brain MRI showed bilateral cysts called Periventricular Leukomalacia and we have been told that it is a brain damage and most likely he will not be able to walk, talk or do much. This was really hard to hear and my heart was so broken but I had to be strong for him.

During the stay in hospital, he caught many bacteria and sepsis but after many prayers and 4 months later, we came home on oxygen. He was also diagnosed with Quadruple Cerebral Palsy, Adrenal Insufficiency, Congenital Hypothyroidism, Chronic Lung Disease and his vision is affected.

Soon after we made it home, we started to look for therapies and equipment and any information that may guide us in the right direction.

Now at 2 years old, Dominic is still not able to crawl, sit, walk or talk but he is doing great in therapies and working hard to reach those milestones. For him to continue his journey we will need funds to travel across the country to different therapy centres where he can be seen.

His smile and determination can move mountains! He is our sweet Superhero!

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