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Best Foot Forward for Georgie

Just4Children are fundraising for one incredible little girl's dream, the dream to be able to run and to lead as normal a life as possible.

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Just4Children are fundraising for one incredible little girl’s dream, the dream to be able to run and to lead as normal a life as possible.

Georgiana or Georgie is aged 8 from Chorley. On the 11th January 2015 we were blessed with her birth. At 10 days old she was sadly diagnosed with a rare, life threating genetic disease that has no cure. This metabolic disease is called Glutaric Acidura Type One (GA1).

That day, our world as we knew it, fell apart. Fast forward to 2023, she has been on one hell of a journey that no child should ever have had to endure. Surgeries, hospital admissions, treatments and ever ending appointments has meant we have been very lucky to be here today. We count our blessings daily.

The disease has no cure, but we live in hope every day that treatment will lead to Georgie living and happy and healthy life. Tragically, part of this cruel disease causes permanent damage to the part of the brain that controls speech and movement. Georgie has fallen victim to this, and her mobility and speech has been impacted. However, there is hope. Specialist Neuro physiotherapy can work on moulding the brain to build new connections and strength and focus on muscles and movements to re-habilitate pathways.

Despite this, Georgie certainly doesn’t view herself as a victim. This incredible girl is the epitome of determination. Unfortunately, the NHS are not able to provide the therapy and equipment she so desperately needs to support her dream to be able to run. As proud parents we have funded thousands of pounds of therapy and equipment in the past and now we embark on a fundraising campaign – to keep Georgie progressing towards her dream. We are raising money for Just4Children to provide physiotherapy, a stand aid, a walking aid and ankle splints.

If you fancy getting involved in any fundraising for the “Best foot forward for Georgie” campaign we would be deeply thankful, however a like or share on social media would also go a long way and your support in sharing would greatly appreciated!

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