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Able2B for Kids and Young Adults with a #disability

Help Just4Children raise money for an adapted fitness facility and part-fund fitness classes for kids and young adults with all levels of disability. A local centre offering advice, support and fitness.

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Help Just4Children raise money for an adapted fitness facility and part-fund fitness classes for kids and young adults with all levels of disability. A local centre offering advice, support and fitness.

Able2B is a unique service in the UK combining expert medical knowledge alongside experienced trainers to optimise day to day function for children and young adults with all levels of disabilities. Cofounded in June 2018 by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Rachael Hutchinson and former British and European Boxing Champion, Jon Thaxton, Able2B is a unique concept in the UK bringing together local community to improve outcomes for the less able and reduce social cost.

Specialising in treating people with disability in the NHS, Rachael recognised the need for disabled individuals to work on strength and endurance to optimise their function. Work as a medical classifier for various para sports endorsed this opinion but also highlighted the limitations individual and society’s perceptions placed on someone with a disability.

Unable to set up an effective service for these issues within the NHS, meeting Jon lead them to combine expertise and develop a system that works for all levels of physical and learning disability.

In 4 years Able2B has grown from a single class for a few disabled children in a tin hut to a service recognised across the region and further as the ‘place to go to’ when it comes to disability. Able2B has it’s own fully equipped adapted gym, completely funded by reinvesting their profit into the service. Their system of community involvement with a large volume of volunteers to help run their service not only provides incredibly effective outcomes, allowing clients to access exercise little and often, but also brings together the community, changing perception of disability and developing true inclusion. Within the last 6 months they have also become an accessible employer. One of these being a young apprentice and also 3 others with disabilities in work placements at the gym. Able2B is showing how their methods can lead to positive productive outcomes in the workplace rather than just a tick box service. Able2B is changing the belief of disabled individuals but more importantly of our young society to be able to understand, accept and work alongside disabled individuals in an effective way.

The results speak for themselves and the atmosphere at their gym is infectious in such a positive way.

Able2B works with young disabled children with Cerebral Palsy and other chronic conditions. Using Rachael’s expertise in sport’s science many of these children have been able to start walking independently despite all professionals saying this wouldn’t be possible. This video link demonstrates one such case (https://youtu.be/sSgr3LjfgQc). Other children with neurodivergence have been able to improve confidence, communication skills and begin to work alongside peers in an effective way for all. Their schemes changing the perception of disability for children, parents and society, such as their Discover Your Ability yearly event is breaking down barriers, opening discussion and educating and changing perceptions of future leaders within the community and workplace (https://youtu.be/rdfbbGqhtUk)

With no business background, Rachael and Jon’s passion for what they do has built a truly exemplary service that they are keen to take to the next level. They believe their system would revolutionise the way support and therapy is provided to individuals with chronic conditions in the UK, improving outcomes but also removing huge pressure from NHS and public care systems for the benefit of all.

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