With your help, courageous Kai can one day walk tall!

A mum is appealing for help to enable her four-year-old son with cerebral palsy to walk properly.

Courtnay Crowther (21) hopes to raise £15,000 for ongoing physiotherapy sessions, which little Kai Thomas O’Neil may need for life.

Kai was diagnosed with cerebral palsy spastic diplegia, marked by tense muscles and spasms, when he was two after having an MRI scan.

Although he underwent an operation in November, 2015, in a bid to improve his muscle stiffness, Kai requires ongoing treatment for progress to be made.

Courtnay, of Higginshaw Village, said: “At first I didn’t think he was ever going to walk or lead a normal life.

“But he had physio and soon started progressing.

“He eventually began standing with the help of furniture and then took a couple of steps.

“He improved further after the operation and doesn’t have to use a frame any more.

“At the moment he has physio once a week and they have really helped him but this will be ongoing for life.

“We are raising money to enable him to keep this up and hopefully increase the number of sessions.”

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