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William’s Wheels

Just4Children are fundraising for £20,000 to purchase a Trekinetic all terrain powerchair to enable William to access the great outdoors and also any other specialist equipment that is needed.

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" Well done Daniel. Excellent cause 💕"
£120.00 from Anothermouse
"What a great effort. You made it look easy 🚴‍♂️👍"
£20.00 from Hadi Abulrub
"An absolutely insane effort...👏"
£10.00 from Mike
"You absolutely smashed it, very well done 👏🏻 "
£10.00 from Emma Lewis
"Brilliant 💪🏻🚲 xx"
£10.00 from Suz, J and Bee
"Legend!! That is all 🤘🏻"
£20.00 from Doug Grant
"Well done Daniel, congrats on fulfilling the challenge AND making it look so easy! xx The Grays "
£10.00 from Marcus, Andreea & Ross
"Only a few hours to go! Keep going! 👍👍 (Just a small donation for morale as have already given to this charity!😘) "
£10.00 from The da Costa’s
£10.00 from Anonymous
"Great work!"
£10.00 from Ash & Sean
"Go coach!!!"
£20.00 from Eliza McKean
£30.00 from Fred and Heather
"Good luck mate and a great cause!"
£10.00 from Jawad, Yas, Mehdi and Aida
"Well done Daniel for your efforts, love Mum"
£HIDDEN from janet haywood
"Good luck Daniel! What an incredibly tough challenge but for an amazing reason! "
£20.00 from Val Stone
£50.00 from Anonymous
"Good luck and have fun Daniel!"
£10.00 from Matt Trawin
£10.00 from Penny Southwood
"Good luck for the ride mate! fingers crossed for the extra battery pack!! "
£10.00 from John Jessop
£30.00 from David swanston
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Well done dude 👍"
£5.00 from Adam Oldfield
£20.00 from Anonymous
"Great cause - good luck for the weekend!!"
£20.00 from Marc
"Best of luck Dan!"
£20.00 from Henry Hilton
"Go Daniel! Great cause."
£HIDDEN from James Charles
"Good luck!!!"
£10.00 from Alex Lines
"Good luck bro, you will smash it I’m sure 👊"
£20.00 from Gareth Haywood
"Let’s get those wheels William ! All our love Annie, Bod and Michael xxx"
£HIDDEN from Annie, Bod and Michael
"Excellent mate. You will hit the target easy. "
£30.00 from Kev Wright
£50.00 from Tom Cook
"12hrs! Good luck mate "
£20.00 from Adam Comfort
"Inspriring and impressive. Good luck with your prep, Mr H. I will be there on the 22nd to support you!"
£30.00 from Nands
"Best of luck. Such a lovely cause. "
£HIDDEN from Sue Enright
"Just to get the ‘wheels’ in motion"
£70.00 from Daniel Haywood

Just4Children are fundraising for £20,000 to purchase a Trekinetic all terrain powerchair to enable William to access the great outdoors and any other specialist equipment that is needed.

William is aged 5 from near Bath in Somerset. He was born prematurely and suffered a brain injury resulting in Cerebral Palsy. The condition affects William’s mobility and motor skills.

William is a determined and fun loving little boy who loves to be outdoors and have adventures in nature. Unfortunately, these activities are not accessible. His NHS wheelchair does not cope with bumpy ground making outdoor fun very difficult.

The Trekinetic powerchair would enable William to have independent mobility outdoors. The powerchair would allow William to choose where he wants to go and to keep up with his friends.  We would be able to go out as a family on outdoor adventures and enjoy the countryside where we live. This chair can adapt and grow as William does.

We really appreciate your help to make the world more accessible for William.

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