Weekend fun run for ‘determined’ girl with cerebral palsy

People in a south Bucks village came together at the weekend to raise money for a child with a form of cerebral palsy.

Villagers in Penn and Tyler’s Green held a three-mile fun run at the Tylers Green common on Sunday to raise money for Orla’s Own Steps, a campaign set up by the parents of four-and-a-half-year-old Orla Brash, who has diplegic cerebral palsy (CP).

The condition causes tense muscles and spasms, particularly in the leg where muscles can get extremely tight and, over time, causes joints to stiffen, reducing movement.

Mum Sue is hoping to raise £32,000 for an operation that will help Orla to walk unaided, which is not available on the NHS, plus a further £55,000 for around five years of intense therapy following the surgery.

Orla was diagnosed at the age of two after her parents realised her lower limbs seemed stiffer than other babies’. Her paediatrician referred her to a physiotherapist who, after a number of weeks of therapy, deduced she was developing diplegic CP.

Sue said: “Orla is a very determined and strong-willed child. She gets very frustrated when she can’t do things that her friends can but wants to be independent and tries to be as independent as she can.”

The community put together a “contraption” which allowed Orla to take part in the run.

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