Wee Legend Jackson needs SDR

An Irvine mum has launched a fundraising bid to give her “wee legend” son a life-changing operation.

Five-year-old Jackson Waddell needs a frame to walk due to the affects of cerebral palsy which he was diagnosed with aged 16 months. However, once he grows out of the frame, his only option at mobility will be through the use of a power chair.

His family have kickstarted a campaign to raise £70,000 (their long-term target) to send Jackson to the St Louis Children’s Hospital for SDR (selective dorsal rhizotomy) which could give him the ability to walk.

But mum Jacqueline says her hope is that her son is simply able to stand on his own two feet.

Inspirational Jackson hasn’t let his condition hold him down thus far as he regularly takes part in a wide variety of sports including frame football.

Speaking to the Times, Jacqueline, of Old Caley Road, said: “Jackson was diagnosed at 16 months with cerebral palsy, we’ve no clue how it happened. But he’s went from strength to strength doing frame football, he’s just a normal wee boy.”

“We tried different treatments and medicines to improve his condition but none of that worked. So we asked to be referred to the consultant to try and look for an alternative. We’re in the process where we’ve got to send videos to assess him. The actual process involves cutting nerves which would make his legs a lot easier to function.”

“At the moment, Jackson is basically dependent on me and his dad.”

She added: “The support we have has honestly surprised me, he knows a lot of people and everybody says he’s a ‘wee legend’.”

“The operation itself is £35,000 but the private treatment and two years of intense rehab takes it up to £70,000. We’re not expecting to get there overnight but hopefully one day we’ll reach our target.”

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