Walk into school alone

A mother has started a £10,000 campaign to help her son who has cerebral palsy walk into his day at school unaided.

Three-year-old Oliver Dempsey can currently only crawl or walk with the help of a frame but mother Abby Baker is battling to get him walking alone.

The 26-year-old from Staffordshire has launched the Stand Up 4 Ollie campaign, which raised more than £800 in one week. She is hopes to use cash raised with the Just4Children charity to support her son with movement therapy and equipment he cannot get on the NHS.

“I contacted Just4Children because my friend, whose son has the same condition, had worked with them. They’ve been really good and really helpful. Ollie’s condition affects his legs, he can’t stand on his own and can’t walk. He can do things from a crawling point of view but anything that involves standing he struggles with.”

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