Villagers to hold fun run to raise money for girl with celebral palsy

People in a south Bucks village are coming together to raise money for a child with a form of cerebral palsy.

Orla Brash, aged four-and-a-half, from Penn and Tylers Green, was born five weeks premature and, after a complicated birth, had to be resuscitated. She spent 24 hours on ventilators and eight days in the neonatal ward according to mum Sue.

She said: “Waiting for her to take her first breath felt like a lifetime. It was the worst 15 minutes of our life.”

As a result, she developed diplegic cerebral palsy (CP), a form of cerebral palsy which causes tense muscles and spasms, particularly in the leg where muscles can get extremely tight and, over time, causes joints to stiffen, reducing movement.

Bucks Free Press