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Unique Imelda

Imelda is 7 from Braintree in Essex and in her short life time she has had countless hospital visits and admissions. She was born with a rare chromosome disorder. Just4Children are raising monies to give Imelda specialist treatments and therapies.
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Unique Imelda

Imelda is 5 from Braintree in Essex and in her short life time she has had countless hospital visits and admissions. She was born with a rare chromosome disorder, so rare Imelda is unique. Just4Children are raising monies to give Imelda the specialist treatments and therapies she needs to lead as full a life as possible.

Imelda is an amazing, determined little girl, who given the opportunity knows NO limits. With the right medical care, therapy and equipment, she keeps surprising everyone with her ability to learn and defy the odds of her situation. Her biggest challenge is access to services and equipment, as the NHS is so underfunded and services are either not available or overstretched.

Therefore, Imelda relies heavily on privately funded therapy and equipment, without which she would have a very different quality of life today.

Imelda has a unique chromosome disorder she’s one-off! This shows itself in global development delay, hypotonia and infantile scoliosis for which she wears a brace for 22 hours a day to control the curve from progressing. Her epilepsy and kidney reflux are managed with daily medication and she’s learning to cope with nystagmus and a hearing impairment with regular check ups. She struggles with sensory processing disorder which affects the way she moves, eats, drinks and plays. She is under the care of many teams at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

And this is where you come in – every penny donated to Just4Children goes directly into therapy and equipment for Ime, giving her the best possible chance in reaching her potential.

Physiotherapy costs between £60-£90 per hour, Smile, online occupational therapy in Canada £45 for 30 minutes. C&D speech and language therapy £70 for 45 minutes. Hydro pool hire £45 per hour.

Intensive therapies work great with Imelda. We see such progress by the end of the week. A trip to Alex’s Place in Stafford costs £1200 which includes sensory integration and Physiotherapy. The Bobath Centre which includes physio and speech therapy for 10 hrs is £900. A week with Physio goals 4 kids is £525. We would love to access therapy at NAPA in America (£12,000) or Smile in Canada (£7,000) but as yet haven’t been able to raise what it costs for a trip.

Please keep supporting and tell people about this inspiring, smiling, giggly girl that continues to try her best all of the time.

Thank you

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