Walk This Way

Walk This Way specialise in working with children, teenagers and adults that are both post op SDR and pre op SDR. We work with other types of cerebral palsy but we are the only SDR specific training centre in the UK where we have been working with SDR related children for 5 years. During this time we have built up an international client list of over 400 clients. Our techniques are encouraging and fun and we get great results. We work very closely with Dr Park and Deanna Walters at St Louis Children’s Hospital in the USA. After visiting the Children’s Hospital and working alongside their therapists for a week it was encouraging to see just how similar our approach and training methods are.

We concentrate on strengthening the muscle weakness and increasing movement and working on pattern of movement this is done partly by working to full range of motion whilst strengthening and looking at biomechanics to aid in correct movement patterns.

We treat our clients as an individual the CP aspect is something we taken into consideration but its not our main or only focus. We assess and work with each person and build them a programme to suit their needs and that works around time constraints and equipment, not everyone can have a commercial gym in their house.

On completion of your course you don’t leave us empty handed you get a workout to follow at home and this ensures we can keep progressing you forwards and you don’t slip back.

Our intensive Therapy courses are 1 or 2 weeks long with training spread over 5 or 10 days where you will work with various instructors with in the centre.