Trekinetic All Terrain Wheelchairs can provide your child with a profound sense of independence and freedom, and make a change, not only to your child, but to your whole family.

The Trekinetics, available in manual or powered, are bespoke made, which means they can, in many cases, be built  to suit your child’s needs, and as your child grows, these adaptations can be adjusted to accommodate. This means that the chair would be suitable for your child right through into adulthood.

 With the ability to turn on the proverbial sixpence, the Trekinetics are eminently suitable for indoor use. However, their all terrain ability means your child can access woodland, parks, beaches, and even go out in the snow, so no longer would your family have to be separated when enjoying the outdoors. A greater and important step towards inclusivity, for everyone

 To our knowledge, the Powered GTE is the only Wheelchair in the world that is sufficiently lightweight enough to be lifted and put in to almost any car. This means that you would not have to have an adapted vehicle, and hopefully, your whole family would fit into your car with the chair.

Perhaps even more importantly, as your child gets older, they will be able to go out in friends and family’s cars, meaning their independence can grow as they do.

Many children who have a Trekinetic are delighted to have such a ‘wicked’ chair, and are delighted to be able to keep up with friends in school. Some have even had their chair built in the colour of their favourite football team !

Emulating from a formula 1 background, the Trekinetics eye catching appearance, draws people to come and discover more about these revolutionary, comfortable wheelchairs.

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