The Safespace

A versatile, durable and soft, sleep and relaxation space for any child who may be unsafe in an ordinary room

The Safespace is designed for those with autism, epilepsy, behaviours which challenge and profound multiple learning difficulties, including those with full mobility. It provides an extremely robust space that can be kicked, punched and head-butted. It can withstand the roughest treatment by both children and adults. It provides a space in which someone can sleep, move, roll or play freely, reducing the risk of injury by eliminating hard surfaces.


“Our little lady can’t and doesn’t say much and you don’t often get a reaction from her, but the Safespace got a huge clear ‘Oooh wow!’ when you delivered it. She loves it. She likes her own space sometimes, and now she can retreat to her new room and play safely. She’s sleeping better through the night too and we all (her 3 siblings too) feel more relaxed. It puts our minds at rest knowing she is safe and happy when she wakes in the night, and when she’s trying to bang her head in frustration she can’t hurt herself. So a big thank you from us all. It really is a genius idea and a solution to many safety problems.”

Joanne Balausiak, Cumbria