The PACE Centre

PACE is a leading UK charity working to transform the lives of infants, children and young people with cerebral palsy and related motor disorders. Based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, PACE offer an intensive and effective range of therapy and education services that give children every chance of making the most of their potential to live active and independent lives. They are presently working with several hundred children per year coming to us from a large area across the South East of England. Multidisciplinary teams of teachers and therapists work closely with children and their families to give children the best start in life. PACE offer infant, primary and secondary services (Key Stage3) plus outreach services in the home and mainstream school environment.

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Since 2014 PACE has also introduced an innovative range of services for very young babies and toddlers (aged 0 to 5 years) to offer vital (and hard to find) early assessment and intervention, located in our brand new purpose-built Early Years & Independence Centre, also located near Aylesbury. To date, the youngest child is 10 weeks old.

Parents and families interested in new Early Years services for infants and very young children (including early assessment, therapy and support for newly born children either with motor disabilities or development delay) should visit

PACE is a registered charity no. 1011133