The Footsteps Therapy Centre

The Footsteps Centre offers unique specialist intensive rehabilitation for children and young adults with cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, epilepsy, other neurological and neuro-motor disorders, undiagnosed conditions and children pre and post SDR.

Based in Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire a team of specialised physiotherapists and therapy assistants provide tailored therapy programmes that respond to the diverse needs of each child, ensuring that all children get the most out of the therapy. The three-week therapy programme helps disabled children to increase their physical, cognitive and developmental abilities whilst improving their confidence and independence.

In addition to traditional mat therapy Footsteps use a unique and specialised piece of equipment called the ‘Spider’ which is central to the programme. Developed in Poland, the ‘Spider’ enables therapists to carry out a full course of exercises in any chosen position using elastic ropes to align the child’s body.

In conjunction with The Footsteps Centre, the Footsteps Foundation financially assists those families who would otherwise struggle to afford the cost of the Footsteps therapy programme. The charity awards grants to these families covering a percentage of the total cost and also helps to fund specialist equipment for families to use at home.

For more information about the Footsteps Centre therapy programme and the Footsteps Foundation please visit: