NoTube – helping children learn to eat

NoTube is a health care provider specializing in early childhood tube dependency and other eating behaviour disorders. We work with families through web-based coaching as well as in our therapy centre based in Graz, Austria.

The founders of NoTube have more than 30 years of clinical experience in treating children with early eating behaviour disorders. They have developed a highly effective and internationally recognized tube weaning programme, referred to as the “Graz model of tube weaning”. It is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach in which the child takes the lead.


NoTube’s telemedical services provide web-based coaching to parents and their children. The idea of this unique approach is to support children in the environment where they feel most safe and comfortable – their homes.

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NoTube’s therapy centre EAT Campus is based in Graz, Austria and provides intensive courses for children and their families in small groups. The interdisciplinary work of our specialized therapists with each child individually, as well as the interaction of the children during group sessions, is a core feature of our success. In the last 5 years we could wean more than 450 tube-fed children off a tube with a success rate of 90%.