Liberator offer a whole host of communication solutions from Switches, to Adapted Toys, Single Message Communicators to Multimessage solutions with Eyegaze capabilities.

Liberator’s philosophy is “our customer’s success is our success”. For most of us the power of speech is taken for granted but not being able to communicate verbally is usually a major obstacle in achieving full potential in educational, vocational, and personal pursuits. Liberator believe everyone deserves a voice and our mission to help our clients achieve their full potential in life. Their assistive technology solutions focus on language development and support independent and spontaneous communication to enrich lives.


Liberator’s communication aids support a wide range of language solutions including Unity, easyChat, The Grid, WordPower and text-based systems, are highly flexible, easy to program and backed by unrivalled warranty and support packages. In addition to offering a comprehensive range of communication aids, adapted toys, learning and inclusion aids, switches, computer access, software and accessories, they provide great aftercare support.

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Meet the amazing Miya, 15 years old and with thanks to easyChat and Eyegaze technology she can speak for the first time. This documentary is part of ITV’s Real Stories series.