Epilepsy Alarms (EAUK)

Epilepsy Alarms have the UK’s widest range of alarms and sensors to help young people and their families affected by epilepsy. They have some of the most advanced sensors available including EpiCare and PulseGuard, giving families across the UK peace of mind. We are delighted to be working with Just4Children to help families across the UK use this vital equipment.


EpiCare Wrist Sensor – EpiCare is a wrist worn sensor that can be worn by children over 10 years old who have Tonic Clonic seizures. The sensor will detect a Tonic Clonic within about 10 seconds and can raise an alert to carers or loved ones. There are a range of options to choose from, depending on the child’s situation.

PulseGuard – PulseGuard uses the latest technology to give advanced warning of a potential seizure. The comfortable wrist sensor constantly monitors the child’s pulse rate and sends this data to a dedicated app on an iPad. If the child’s pulse falls outside a pre-defined range, the app will raise an audible alert, giving parents time to provide  intervention. PulseGuard can detect a range of seizure conditions and is particularly  helpful for children with nocturnal seizures.



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