Bumble Bee Physio

Bumble Bee Physio are a team of gurus in the treatment of children’s neurological disorders, such as cerebral palsy, Rett syndrome, Angelman syndrome, and more. They cover London zones 1-6, and are continually expanding our team. They visit homes, schools, nurseries and other FUN places for their physiotherapy sessions! Their team of physiotherapists have expert handling skills and experience with all different presentations of children, and they are able to challenge superheroes with their magical skills, enabling physical FUNction like you have never seen before!

At Bumble Bee Physio their superheroes and their families come first, and they continually set short, medium and long term goals and produce incredible results.

Buzzing with FUN!

“We are the best at making physiotherapy FUN! Most of our superhero clients hardly realise they are working out in our sessions. All of our short term and medium term SMART goals are aiming towards FUNctional skills for playing. During term time, we make our strengthening sessions as motivating as possible in our clients’ own homes, using their favourite toys, music, messy play and our own special toys. But when it comes to school holidays and half terms, we take the FUN up a level! We like to put our clients’ new found strength into action, by taking them for physiotherapy sessions in playgrounds, trampoline parks, soft play centres, playgrounds, climbing walls and lots more adventures! Our physio team know all of the best inclusive, accessible and FUN venues around London, and if somewhere is not accessible, we will work with the management to try and facilitate this. One of our favourite places to take our clients is the Discovery Centre in Stratford. Hannah LOVES trampolining, and sometimes she uses a physio session as an excuse to bounce herself! Jasmin enjoys the outdoors, and recently took a superhero to a non-accessible local playground, and was able to facilitate them to use the mainstream equipment!”


The team at Bumble Bee Physio were part of the NHS England SDR research trial when it first came to the UK under the NHS. They have extensive experience at rehabilitating SDR clients both pre and post surgery, and produce outstanding results. Bumble Bee Physio is recognised and recommended by SDR clinics across the UK, and we work in partnership with NHS services to deliver the best outcomes.

Team Working

Bumble Bee Physio work closely with all professionals involved in their superheroes’ care, with the child as the main focus. We will attend appointments where necessary, provide reports and range of movement assessments ahead of appointments, and work with your child’s school to improve their daily physical activity routine, when required.

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