Tonia and Peter’s Tough Mudder

We are taking part in Tough Mudder London West on 30th April for Just4Children because we want to prove to ourselves that we can do it!

Pete and I are both very family orientated. We knew very early on we wanted to have children together. NCT ante-natal groups seemed the done thing, so we signed ourselves up when we were expecting Harry. Here we met Sue and Doug, albeit too briefly, as their beautiful Orla entered the world part way through our course.

It’s so easy to take for granted that our children have a full bill of health and that there are no restrictions to their lives. There’s nothing holding them back from anything they want to do or achieve.

Orla, although full of life, laughter and joy, was diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy at aged 2, restricting her mobility. The operation Orla needs in order to allow her to walk freely is currently not available on the NHS, but is available privately at the cost of £85,000. How would we all feel if there was something out there that could help our family and it was just out of reach?

Pete and I are not an ‘athletic’ couple – we always ‘played’ at the gym or maybe a game of badminton!  We decided it was time to up our game, lose weight, tone up and finding a challenge seemed a good way to have an end goal.

Tough Mudder was a spur of the moment decision that at times we both regret! What better challenge than one that tackles both physical and emotional obstacles over 18-20km of mud?

Now we have both lost over a stone each, train 5 times a week and are ready to tackle Tough Mudder head on – whilst supporting Orla, Sue and Doug.

Orla’s own steps have raised over £45,000 to date, but still have a long way to go.  Please sponsor us to support Orla, and to give us the extra inspiration to get across that finish line……

Thank you

Tonia & Pete xxxx