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Tommy’s Tomorrow

Tommy needs therapies and intervention such as Intensive Neuro Movement Therapy, brain plasticity therapy, equipment, home adaptions and adapted toys to give him a fighting chance to thrive.
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"Merry Christmas Tommy and massive congrats Janice on your run, Love the Sims xx"
£30.00 from Marc, Ali, Rachie, Daisy and Arthur 🥰
"Merry Christmas Mrs Robison. Thank you for all the fun days we have with you as our teacher. Hope you have a good Christmas. Love Matthew xxx"
£20.00 from Matthew Davies
"Merry Xmas, Mrs Robison! Thank you for everything you've done for me this year. Love Devin xoxo"
£10.00 from Devin Oswald Stewart
"Congratulations, what an achievement and for such a great cause. An inspiration to us all, especially the children that you teach. Thank you"
£20.00 from Kate Lowe
"Well done Mrs Robinson, what a fantastic effort for a very worthy cause ! Jake Berwick X"
£5.00 from Steph Berwick
"Great job "
£10.00 from Kerry chloe dylan Christopher
"All best wishes and well done! "
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Congratulations, an inspiring effort. "
£25.00 from Matilda, Jane, Kirsten and Fede
"Well done!!!"
£20.00 from Anonymous
"Well done Janice"
£10.00 from Judith and Harry
"Well done Janice"
£10.00 from Roslyn and Ian
"Well done Jan! You’re a star!"
£50.00 from Ann Wilkinson
"Well done Janice! "
£10.00 from Gina Fleming
"Well done Janice you done amazing!! Total superstar. Love Leah x"
£20.00 from Leah Hunter
"Well done Janice!! Jan and Issac"
£20.00 from Jan Ford
"Well done Janice and an amazing cause 👍👏❤️"
£10.00 from Lyn Hamilton
"Well done Janice!!!! "
£10.00 from Suz
£10.00 from Chloe Mckone
"You are amazing Janice! What a brilliant thing to do. "
£10.00 from Audrey, Andrew and Otis x
"Huge achievement Janice, well done you! xxx "
£10.00 from Bev
£HIDDEN from Anonymous
"Well done Janice, what an absolute legend you are. The big smile on your face at the end of the race says it all x"
£10.00 from Lynn Paton
"Absolutely amazing well done Janice 👏love Lisa and Stuart xx"
£10.00 from Lisa Fawkes
"Congratulations janice amazing! "
£10.00 from Rachael marsden
"Well done Jarn 🥰"
£10.00 from Gemma Evans
£10.00 from Lesley Chapman
"Well done Jarn! Your a star! X"
£10.00 from Miller
"Well done Jarn! "
£10.00 from Rachel Hurst
"Well done janice. Brilliant effort. "
£20.00 from Gus
"You have put your body, mind, soul, family, your LIFE through the mill for our little boy, to help him have the best future possible. Words cannot express how grateful we are. We love you!"
£50.00 from The Briggs Family
"🙌🏼🏃🏻‍♀️👏🏼 GO GIRL! 👏🏼 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🙌🏼 So proud of you. You are an inspirational, passionate, strong and determined superwoman! ❤️"
£15.00 from Kirsty
"Good luck Janice Lots of love from Ashley & Alex xxx"
£10.00 from Ashley
"Janice what you have done is amazing. I have loved following your journey. Good Luck tomorrow I can’t wait to see your finish line picture. What a fantastic cause too xx"
£10.00 from Jenny MacNair
"Good luck Janice ,I'm sure you will do amazing. Love from The Cullens "
£10.00 from Jayne ,Barrie, Naomi & Mila
"Good luck Janice. "
£30.00 from Anne and May
"Good luck Janice I’m sure you will smash it for Tommy xx"
£20.00 from Rawlings family
"Good luck 😃 I am sure you will do great! "
£5.00 from Kirsty hope
"Very well done your bairns and Stuart have a legend for a mum and wife"
£10.00 from Anonymous
"Good luck Janice, you will smash it! Xx"
£20.00 from Lauren Brown
"So proud of you, the hard work and determination you have put into achieving your goal is incredible ❤️"
£20.00 from Seonaid
"Well done on all your training, it has been amazing to watch the journey. Go luck for tomorrow, you will smash it xx"
£10.00 from Lauren
"💙 "
£20.00 from Aunty Julie xx
"Good luck Janice! Love mum and dad xx"
£25.00 from Mary and Ian
£10.00 from Katie Green
"Run Janice Run! Good luck with your marathon run, I hope their are lots of people out to shout encouragement! What a fantastic thing to do x"
£20.00 from Leanne Bews
"Good luck Janice! Our family are all so grateful of your efforts! Enjoy the Champagne at the end. "
£26.00 from Calum, Holly, Elsie and the bump
"Good luck! From the Halliday’s"
£10.00 from Mark and Sarah
"Good luck Janice! Caroline and Clive"
£20.00 from Anonymous
"Good luck Janice! From Elspeth"
£25.00 from Elspeth Lillico
£20.00 from Anonymous

Tommy’s Tomorrow

Tommy needs therapies and intervention such as Intensive Neuro Movement Therapy, brain plasticity therapy, equipment, home adaptions and adapted toys to give him a fighting chance to thrive.

This is Tommy. He 2 from Earlston in Berwickshire and smiling is his favourite. He blatantly laughs in the face of adversity.

In spite of Tommy’s happiness, he has been dealt a rough hand in the short time he has rocked our world and each and every day is a day of hard work. A literal fight in attempt to ensure his best possible future.

At 32 weeks Tommy and his identical brother Joe were born. Joe born still and Tommy fighting for his life. In the couple of days leading up to their birth, unknown to anyone, the twins became affected by Twin to Twin Transfusion syndrome (TTTS).

The situation was chronic. It happened and then it was too late. It was unexpected and immediate.

Unfortunately, Tommy was not left unscathed and as a direct result of the TTTS, he suffered a “catastrophic bilateral brain injury” and since has been diagnosed with Cerebral Visual Impairment, Global Developmental Delay, Cerebral Palsy and he is predominately tube fed via Gastrostomy.

Of course we know none of these conditions are curable. However, we also know all that early intervention can help and so are working hard in attempt to do what we can to help Tommy thrive. Tommy has so much potential it hurts.

The input and support Tommy receives from public services is a blessing. Those who work with Tommy work hard and care about his progress as passionately as we do, however some of things we do and want to do with Tommy are just not available via NHS, things which have strong evidence of success with other children and that we believe will help our boy…

Therapies and intervention such as Intensive Neuro Movement Therapy, brain plasticity therapy, equipment, home adaptions and adapted toys costs well over £10,000 per year.

Asking for help hasn’t been easy, however we are eternally grateful for any help you do give. Please be assured your help will absolutely give Tommy a fighting chance to thrive. Your help could literally change his life and ours.

Thank you

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