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Just4Children want to help David receive specialist therapies so that he can lead a more independent life.

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Just4Children want to help David receive specialist therapies so that he can lead a more independent life.

My Name is Nicoleta, mother of two kids, Bianca 12 years and David 3 years from Edgware in London. After we had our daughter it took time years for this little miracle to come, following lots of missed carriages, and when I was just about to give up, my son arrived.

I was over the moon for the first 9 months of his life. We were the happiest family in the whole world! Then, realising something was not right with David, I booked an appointment with our GP Health Visitor. 

My son was not able to hold his neck, stand, hold eye contact or eat solid food. We were passed onto Watford General Hospital where I meet Dr Katana. She booked him for an MRI scan immediately.

From now on my world changed. The scan result came back. My son has missing his corpus callosum, a C-shaped nerve fibre bundle found beneath the cerebral cortex which stretches across the midline of the brain, connecting the left and right cerebral hemispheres. This has caused David’s global developmental delay.

At least he is walking now, but he is still non verbal, there being only one word he can say, “Mama”.

After the results we were in dark worried about future. We had lots of appointments in many departments, cardiology, audiology, and ophthalmology where they discovered David had an eye condition and some hearing loss.

In 2019 September we attended his first musical therapy at CPotential in Muswell Hill. My son was hyperactive, gave no eye contact, was not socialising but was just running all over the place with no interest in playing any instrument or listening to the therapist. 

I continued to search and hope. We continued with the musical therapy and play groups, and began swimming activities. 

David was like a fish in a pond there and after a few sessions he was able to do so many things; begin to take eye contact, a bit of focusing, sometimes listening, playing Musical instruments.

Now we can see the light. Although David still does not respond when called and does not take any simple commands, and still cannot eat solid food, some progress is being made.

We just need help. Please give your support to my son’s future to be more independent.

We thank you from bottom of our hearts.

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