Toddler Dedicated To Guiding His Twin Sister With Cerebral Palsy Through Childhood

‘He’ll ask: ‘Are you ok Millie?’ and try and help her.’

A toddler with cerebral palsy is being guided through childhood by her twin brother.

Millie Bea Hughes, two, from Staffordshire, has to rely on a walking frame or an adult holding her up to get around. Her brother Evan, who is just 13 minutes younger, comforts her with her toy bunny when she’s upset, shares toys or fetches her shoes and biscuits.

“Millie is such a character and is desperate to be able to get up and play with Evan,” Mum Natalie Hughes, 34, said.

“They love each other very much and he’ll ask: ‘Are you ok Millie?’ and try and help her up if she needs it.”

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