Inka needs life changing surgery and therapy to help her learn to walk. Inka has overcome many challenges in her life, but walking is going to be one of her toughest and she cannot do it without your help.
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"Awesome work Jordan. So impressed! I’m sure Inka will be eternally grateful to have you backing her. Vicky Key"
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"What you’ve done for Inka and her family is incredible. You’re amazing x"
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"Just wow! What an amazing effort and kind thing to do for such a good cause. You are a true superhero!"
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"Well done Jordan great effort mate and good luck Inka"
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"Well done Jordan great role model for Judd Horner"
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"Such a fantastic thing you are doing for this lovely little girl, go Jordan!"
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Inka needs life changing surgery and therapy to help her learn to walk. Inka has overcome many challenges in her life, but walking is going to be one of her toughest and she cannot do it without your help.

Inka is aged 2 from Portishead in Somerset. She needs to have life changing SDR surgery and post-surgical physiotherapy to give her the best chance to be able to walk.

Inka is full of joy, spreading smiles wherever she goes. She has a zest for life, always wanting to explore the world around her which is not easy given her physical challenges. We hope that reading Inka’s story inspires you to want to help her achieve even greater things.

Inka was born 9 weeks early when her heart rhythm became erratic and we were told that her life lay in the balance. Inka survived against the odds but the after effects of her erratic heart changed the course of her life.

At two weeks old our world came crashing down as we were told Inka had suffered extensive brain damage and would most likely have severe physical and mental disabilities. Overwhelmed with fear and sadness we promised each other we would do whatever we could to make sure her life was filled with happiness, whatever her abilities or disabilities. I remember falling asleep that night just hoping that she would, if nothing else, be able to smile, to just be able to let me know when she’s happy, that was all I could hope for.

Well, at two years old Inka has proved her prognosis wrong time and time again! She is a funny and strong willed little girl who fills our lives with smiles and laugher.

It has not all been plain sailing for Inka. She has been diagnosed with cortical visual impairment, epilepsy, infantile spasms and diplegic cerebral palsy.

In the weeks and months following Inka’s brain injury diagnosis we didn’t dare to dream that she would one day walk, but as Inka has grown she has shown so much strength and determination, enduring hours of physio. We now believe that with SDR surgery and therapy, walking and living a life without constant pain is something Inka will achieve.

Inka wants to walk, she tries so hard, but she cannot do this on her own. She needs your help.

Thank you for helping to change our daughter’s life.

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