Theo just wants to run around with his pals

An appeal has been launched to raise £50,000 for a life-changing operation which will allow a five-year-old boy with cerebral palsy to run around with his friends.

Theo Knott, of College Road, Deal, was diagnosed with the muscle co-ordination disability which affects his legs, arm, balance and vision, two years ago. He can only walk for a short time with a frame until it becomes painful. At other times he uses a wheelchair.

Last week, his parents Naomi Morton, 26, and Steven Knott, 27, received the fantastic news their son had been accepted for selective dorsal rhisotomy (SDR) – spinal surgery to reduce the spasticity or tightness in his legs. But unfortunately the NHS can’t fund Theo’s surgery or rehabilitation – which is just as important as the operation itself – so they have no option but to find the cash themselves. With the help of charity Just4Children, an appeal branded Theo’s Mission to Walk has been launched and they are now seeking support from the community.

Ms Morton said: “To see your child struggle on a daily basis is just heartbreaking.

“We never thought we’d be accepted for this operation but now we have we’re just hoping it will give him the independent life he deserves.

“For us as parents, to be able to see our gorgeous little boy play independently with his friends and his little sister, Indie, would be the most amazing thing in the world.”

Theo’s Mission to Walk


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