The Key to Successful Fundraising

Get your family, friends and friends of friends involved in a challenge! The most successful campaigns happen not when people get lots of sponsors for a single event, but when they persuade people they know to undertake a challenge. Persuade your Granny to skydive!

How to start Fundraising

Fundraising Tips

Holding an Event

How to run a successful Campaign

Adding Donate button to Facebook page

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows us, as a registered charity, to reclaim 25% basic rate tax on any gifts you make. To make a Gift Aid declaration, you must be a UK taxpayer. This includes people who are retired and still pay tax on savings and pensions. So, for every £1 you donate, we receive an extra 25p from HM Revenue and Customs.

Download your Gift Aid Form from HMRC

Feel free to print copies of the Sponsor Form and Gift Aid Declaration Form and photocopy as you wish. You may add your campaign name to the forms but any other changes may result in HMRC not accepting them.

If you plan to claim Gift Aid on donations, please remember the following:

  • You will not be permitted to collect Gift Aid from donations made by family members;
  • You can not claim Gift Aid on funds donated by Companies – it only applies to individuals;
  • You will not be able to claim Gift Aid unless the donor has/will pay the requisite amount of income/capital gains tax – please see the form for further details.

A Guide to Gift Aid

Match Funding

Some organisations provide funding for organisations such as Just4Children through their employees. It is a very simple yet immensely useful tool from which extra funding can be raised for your appeal. The list of match-funding companies in the UK is long, and includes many banks and well known names such as Boots, WH Smith and Norwich Union. Ask your friends to speak to their employers to find out whether they offer match funding.


Should be payable to the “Just Helping Children” with your child’s name written on the back and banked as soon as possible:

Bank: HSBC

A/C Name: Just Helping Children

Branch: HSBC Tunbridge Wells

Sort Code: 40 44 37

A/C Number: 82182475

We do not encourage cash donations as this is difficult for us to monitor closely and also please note that all monies collected during your fundraising should be banked into our account within 24 hours.

Other important fundraising information

Set up a Facebook Community Page

All about JustGiving fees

Payday, best day of the month. Make it even better with Payroll Giving

Contacting Local businesses

A supporter’s guide to selling for charity on eBay

Guide for contacting local businesses

Contact your local Waitrose or John Lewis store for a community donation

Persimmion also run a community champions scheme

Look through this Grants Search database as you may be eligible for funds

Just occasionally for an event involving the general public at a private venue like a shopping centre you may be asked for Public liability Insurance. We can provide this on request.

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