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The Best Chance for Princess P

Just4Children are fundraising to provide the best medical care and support for Penelope, 21 months from Bolton, to give her the best quality of life.

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Just4Children are fundraising to provide the best medical care and support for Penelope, 21 months from Bolton, to give her the best quality of life.

We want to tell you all about our Penelope Booth. She was born New Year’s Eve 2019 – our perfect princess P, born to stand out from the crowd, always happy, cheeky and full of sass!

On the 19th July, our world turned upside down when Penelope had an accident. She wandered into the garden and was found in the paddling pool.

She was placed in a coma in intensive care at Manchester Children’s hospital and later moved to the neurological ward where she is now being treated for severe brain injury.

Although we can see progress, outsiders may struggle to spot much. She’s unable to sit, speak, eat and the doctors can’t tell us that she ever will.

We’ve been in hospital for over 9 weeks now and we’ve spent everyday desperately searching for the best ways to help her. There are stories about children in Penelope’s position improving massively and we’re praying for P to be one of them.

Grant and I are expecting a baby in late October, which could be seen as terrible timing but there’s a trial in America which uses stem cells from a sibling’s umbilical cord as a treatment for brain injury – it feels like this is meant to be, but it’s expensive, at least £10,000, plus the costs of getting the cells and storing them. There is a waiting list but the doctors agree Penelope meets the criteria.

There is also hyperbaric oxygen therapy which we want to start and ideally buy our own chamber. Again, this is costly at around £15,000. Penelope would also benefit massively from daily therapy to get her basic skills to return.

We never thought we’d be here but we want to thank everyone who has supported us so far.  We’ve added up all potential therapies, physio and rehab sessions, specialist equipment and home adjustments, and it’s a staggering amount. We want to give P the best chance at reaching her potential and so, while fundraising like this makes us uncomfortable, we felt that we needed to try it.

Thank you so much and please keep Princess P in your thoughts and prayers.

Katie, Grant & George x

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