The Adeli Medical Center in partnership

Just4Children and the Adeli Medical Center, an internationally renowned rehabilitation centre, are pleased to announce that they will be working closely together to help children with cerebral palsy.

Just4Children can help families with disabled children fundraise for treatment and therapy at the Adeli Medical Center.

Matej Rimar, Adeli Medical Center’s PR Manager, says, “We are thrilled that we will be working closing with Just4Children. We both share a common aim to support as many families and children as we can. Both organizations are highly complementary in supporting children with special needs on their way to a full life.“

Jacqueline Tapp, the Treasurer of Just4Children, enthuses further, “The Adeli Center is a world famous centre and we are delighted that we can help their children get the treatment they badly need and deserve.”

The Adeli Medical Center is an international rehabilitation centre in Slovakia and is the European leader in the intensity of therapy, where each patients receives up to 5 hours of therapies a day, or 30 hours a week. The centre also offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber from Germany.
The biggest benefit for every patient at the Adeli Medical Center is its highly intensive, individually customised therapy programme and the extensive care. Every patient is cared for up to 5 hours a day and six days a week by the responsible multidisciplinary team comprising of doctors, therapists, manual therapy chiropractors, speech therapists and other specialists – basically, 5 – 7 health professionals on a daily basis. The centre specialises on the following diagnosis: cerebral palsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury and congenital neurological disorders.

From the time it was established in 2004, the Adeli Center has successfully treated more than 7,000 patients from more than 30 countries, mainly with conditions following a brain injury.
Twitter: @centroADELI
Tel: +421 33 79 15900