Tests continue to find cure for Billy

It has now been a month since Billy Caldwell arrived in Los Angeles in search of a lifesaving cure for his intractable epilepsy, but for his family it feels a lot longer.

Billy continues to undergo a full epilepsy surgical evaluation. The Castlederg 11-year-old recently received a two hour MRI scan to provide a detailed x-ray of the brain.

Having already undergone a three day video EEG a couple of weeks ago, Billy is set to go through the same process for a further 24 hours today (Monday). It is hoped this will be the final test to determine Billy’s candidacy for surgery.


Charlotte said, “Based on the MRI results, Dr Nordli wants Billy to have another 24-hour EEG on Monday. After that we will know what will happen next. Dr Nordli is being very thorough as he wants to get to the root of the problem and not just cover it up. Brain surgery is a big operation and I know he really is making sure the right decision is made.”

While these tests could lead the way to saving Billy’s life by curing his intractable epilepsy, they come at a huge financial price. The medical bills are already stacking up, placing greater emphasis on the fundraising efforts at home.


Numerous events are being organised by family, friends and complete strangers who have taken Billy’s fight for life story into their hearts.

“Those at home organising events and making donations at home really are helping save Billy’s life,” said Charlotte.

“We have come so far and I will never give up fighting to get him the best care and treatment possible and I can’t thank enough those people who have supported us and continue to support us.”

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