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To raise funds for Just4Children to provide vital equipment and therapies for Thomas who suffered a brain injury at birth leaving him with severe cerebral palsy.

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Thomas is our 3 year old son from Thatcham in Berks. He suffered a brain injury at birth which has left him needing to be tube fed and with a visual impairment and severe cerebral palsy.

Life isn’t easy for Thomas. However, he is the most determined little boy you are ever likely to meet. Just because it is hard doesn’t mean he stops trying! He loves singing and dancing and rough and tumble play with his big brother Harrison. He enjoys playing board games, especially when he wins, he’s very competitive! His smile and laugh are utterly contagious.

We are fundraising to pay for a specialist piece of equipment called an Innowalk. Its effectively an electric cross trainer and it will help improve Thomas core strength which will not only help him learn new skills and help mobility but will also help with his reflux which remains an issue in the winter months. As it will encourage weight bearing it will also encourage better hip development which is crucial for helping to prevent hip migration which will ultimately lead to painful dislocations and surgeries.

We know it’s a lot of money and we don’t have a hope of finding this ourselves so we are asking for help and are so grateful to everyone who helps us along the way, whether its via, a financial donation, or a donation of their time, or a share on social media. It all helps!