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Team Leonie

Just4Children are hoping to raise ongoing funds for a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle), ongoing intensive physiotherapy and equipment.

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Just4Children are hoping to raise monies for Leonie to have post op therapy and specialist equipment.

Leonie, a beautiful, intelligent, spunky little 9 year old from Louth in Lincolnshire, with an infectious laugh and a smile so wide it will melt your heart, was born 11 weeks prematurely. This is her story and the mission of #teamleonie started in 2018.

A year after Leonie’s birth, the doctors diagnosed her with Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, the most advanced of all CP diagnoses, and, sadly, many medical expenses for her condition are not funded by the NHS. Leonie’s only mobility as a baby, toddler and young child was to move on her back by using her head. #teamleonie was born in 2018 to start fundraising for life changing spinal surgery to help Leonie walk one day. In February 2019, Leonie underwent a procedure called a Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR), a minimally invasive spinal operation that can permanently reduce leg spasticity and eventually help with independent walking in children with CP. Fundraising paid for the surgery, needed medical equipment and ongoing, weekly physical therapy sessions.

In July 2021, a surgery delayed 18 months due to Covid, Leonie underwent femur osteotomies and knee realignment  and hamstring surgery. For the first time ever, her twisted, frogged legs became straight legs, or ‘new legs’ as Leonie calls them. The NHS paid for the extensive surgeries, but not all needed medical equipment and not ongoing, critical physical therapy.

Today, Leonie can pull herself upright via a special chair, can sit upright, can ride a specialised three wheel bicycle. This was the Christmas miracle we all hoped for in 2021. She still cannot stand unaided or walk, but Team Leonie supporters are tirelessly determined to ensure that miracle happens one day.

Leonie, who we have dubbed Princess Leonie, since she is so loved and admired for her determination and cheerful spirit despite these physical obstacles, has a simple wish to walk and dance one day.  Ongoing medical expenses to help her achieve these goals are expensive, thus, the continuing fundraising is important.

Please consider joining the #teamleonie ‘family’ – global strangers who have banded together for a common cause – to help Leonie achieve her dreams. All children deserve a chance at a rewarding life.  Any donation will be appreciated as you open your heart to this worthy cause.

Thank you

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